BLOGSSIP 01/05/2012: Kim Kardashian “Homewrecker”?? Casper Smart on probation??

Ok I am so not makin it up.. Amber Rose la ex novia del rapero Kanye West came out¬† with the chisme.. so I am just here gettin it to you ūüėČ

So Dice Amber Rose que kim Kardashian is a HOMEWRECKER!!  She claims que Kim K es la razon why her and Kanye split up.  That while Kim was in a relationship with NFL player Reggie Bush she and Kanye had a thing goin on as well.

Says she found mensajes y fotos seductivas que Kim le mandaba al phone de Kanye West and Rose tried to reach out to Kardashian thru email asking her to leave Kanye alone but Kim never replied.

Amber claims that she and Kanye broke up cuz Kanye and Kim were cheating on Rose and Bush… Rose Bush.. haha.. get it?? haha ok anyhow..

She also says que gracias to Kims sneakiness she left Kanye and found the love of her life aka rapper Wiz Khalifah.

Believe it or not pero si se han reportado diferente occassiones where Kim and Kanye been real sweet on each other.  Y los rumores no se quedan atras de que tienen un romance juntos.

SO wait is it considered an affair if neither of the 2 were married??

For example.. if this GIRL





cheated with this GUY..





Would THIS b an affair??





Casper Casper Casper.. parece que en vez de encontrarse un hombre.. even though he is 18 years younger.. JLO se encontro a third son.

Casper Smart was sentenced a un a√Īo de libertad condicional by the Los Angeles Superior Court for speeding.

Tambien fue mulatado $500 for numerous traffic violations on his driving record.

Just hope he wasnt trynna just off in his new Bentley que le compro su mama.. digo.. su mami.

Seriously.. who do you think will be paying the $500??  Casper or JLO??


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