BLoGsSiP: Eva Langora #1 y Larry Hernandez detenido.. 09/30/11

Eva Langoria HIGHEST paid TV actress!!

Forbes saco su lista of the highest paid actresses.. y adivina who is #1.. EVA LANGORIA!!  With makin 13 MILLION dollars el año pasado with her TV and Endorsements combined.  13 MIL!! Thats like saying.. a Milli 13 times.. hmmmm.. did Lil Wayne write a song about her.. OMG he’s a prophet lol jk.  Anyhow felicidades Eva.. she tied at #1 con la actriz and comedian Tina Fey.

Larry Hernandez DETENIDO en Mexico??!!

Its true.. a mi amigo de twitter @LarryHernandez1 lo detenieron at the Mexican airport (I had NOTHING to do with it!!) lol.. actually they detained him por tener cuban cigars en su equipaje which are illegal in the states.  Se los quitaron y lo soltaron.  And right now me imagino que somewhere in Mexico alguien esta disfrutando de unos cubanos.. puff puff give.. just none for Larry.

I mean seriously.. how much harm can a lil cigar do.. hasta las viejitas los fuman.


Well.. unless it looks like this..

I’d probably pass on that one lol.. its kinda scary looking.