BLoGsSiP: Lindsay in custody..Fonsi says relax!! and Chino..ay Chino.. =( 10-19-11

Empesamos con Adamaris Lopez quien le hizo la invitacion a Luis Fonsi que le cante en Mira Quien Baila.  Bueno Luis Fonsi le respondio rechazando la invitacion on a Don Francisco Presenta Episode.  Then Adamaris responded to that by saying que el estaba en lo correcto, que ella estaba alli para bailar y que the fact that they were no longer together no queria decir que termanarian como perros y gatos.

Fonsi Respondio with saying que no era saludable seguir promoviendo y sacando provecho de una relacion y matrimonio que ya via terminado.

Lindsay Lohan.. lol.. call Pitbull a Prophet now.. porque Lohan was taken away from the court room esposada.  She went to her progress court date which ended up probably not the way she expected.  The judge revoked her probation.. and scheduled her next probation hearing Nov.2. 

However, she had a bails bonds man in court with her.. bail is $100,000 but she only has to pay 10% of it to be released.  Pero la jueza said while paperwork was done she must go with sheriffs who put her in a small cell like room in handcuffs.

On bail she must complete 16 hours at the morgue between now and  Nov 2.

If granted probation on Nov 2.. she must be clean streaked cuz if she skrews up AGAIN!!   Consequence and consequence.. pero nunca aprende so no se que. 

And WTF is on her face??  Make up?? someone dunno how to apply.


Chino.. lo voy a rregañar cuando lo vea.. how dare you cut ur greñas??!!  He a. flat ironed his hair.. then now b. se mocho todo.. imma tell him to get on Ovation Cell Therapy grrrrr!! He pulled a Bieber on me!!


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