CALIBASH 2012: KEWL report on El Gordo y La Flaca

Its just goes to show that all the hard work we all put in ALWAYS pays off.. Calibash bein 5 years in now and only continues to grow and grow every single year..
Este año hubo un line up like no other.. incluyiendo a unos que desafortunadamente couldn’t make it and we must all understand that the artist like us are human and things happen.. good and not so good.
However, it was a total success. In an interview I conducted alongside Carolina Marquez with Jowell y Randy.. Randy mentioned how there is no other concert in the WORLD like Calibash.. WE in LA are so lucky to be so close to the BIGGEST Latin Urban concert in the world.. People from all over Latin America come to Calibash.. and this year..
El Gordo y La Flaca covered Calibash.. check out the reportaje..