Chino y Nacho “Bla Bla Bla” SEXY VIDEO!!

Chino y Nacho.. Bueno no creo que theres been one time que he hablado de el duo Venezolano sin usar la palabra “SEXY” in the same sentence.. SERIOUSLY!!  Como me dijo RKM de RKM y Ken-Y una vez.. se los repito a ustedes.. “No le has visto los abdominales “horribles”” lol horrible used in a majorly sarcastic way ofcourse..

Like in that movie “Crazy, Stupid Love” where Emma Stone le dice al guy “Seriously.. it looks like you are airbrushed”  lol.

Well.. I must say.. quede mal acostumbrada desde Calibash 2010 porque fue cuando Chino Y Nacho subieron al escenario and took off their shirts and my mouth dropped.. aaaaaaaaaaall the way to the ground… ok enough about that.. lets watch 😉

“Bla Bla Bla” El Potro Alvarez ft Chino y Nacho.. filmed in Venezuela in Medanos De Coro, Canaima, Caracas and Los Roques de Venezuela which Chino y Nacho themselves told me EVERYONE should visit.. con pareja 😉 Lots of expensive cars, helicopters, and half naked WOMEN!!

Directed by Daniel Duran and Marlon Peña, google.. very well known director con una trayectoria de envidia.  And I’m pretty sure this video costed a good amount of $$..  Such a SEXY video!!