Justin Beieber and Selena Gomez.. NAKED!!

“Justin and Selena Forever” Es el nombre que le dieron al 100% naked statue of Selena Gomez and Justin Beiber.. next to like a swan and an armadillo lol.. Not to sure y a swan or an armadillo or y them two naked period.. But Daniel Edwards the maker of the statue must have had his reasons I’m sure, $__$.

Ya empezaron las protestas porque se va ha estar haciendo dinero con los cuerpos desnudos of the youngins.. but.. Selena is over age.. My lil Beibster though solamente tiene 17 años so quiza the protests cause the destruction of the statue pero si no sirven de nada.. el statue will be making its way to New York adult stores soon. 

To this moment neither Justin or Selena have said anything al respeto.. But..

Tu que crees?? Esta bien to expose this statue or should it be destroyed??


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