Kris Humphries Kashing in on Kim K

So segun Kris Humphries le quiere sacar creo escuchar $7 MILLION a Kim Kardashian for the split.

Ahora dice que he made nothing or saw no money money money money out of the wedding or show.

Thing is que los resources cuentan que NOT TRUE!! Le toco $1 Million with the wedding que entro a un joint account de los dos which he has used some of the $$ para comprarle el anillo a Kim y tambien pay some of the wedding… WAIT A DANG MINUTE!!

U mean to tell me que ya le vian dado el wedding money before he proposed?? WAIT so.. it was planned and scripted?? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO lol..

Tambien le llamaron bluff on making no $$ with the show cuz hes made $250,000- $300,000 in appearances with the reality show.. which ese dinero fue entrado a una cuenta solitariamente de el.. a business account at that which he has total access to according to the resources.

Pero, sobre el joint account como el divorcio todavia esta en processo.. it is frozen hasta que el juez decida who gets what.. YIKES!!

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