Lady Gaga Mama, JLO’s new boo y mas!!

At 11:25 les conte sobre las fans obsessionadas con Romeo Santos.. en NY lo esperaron up to 10 hours in line at his in store.. 10 HOURS!!  I mean esta chulo pero come on.. en 10 horas ya ni los pies los siento.. Check out el video though.. so much love!!


12:25pm Les revele que Romeo no es el unico con mucho amor.. se dice que JLO trai nuevo boy toy.. 18 years younger than her. Casper Smart de 24 años, que como Chris Judd (ex de JLO) tambien es uno de sus bailarines. TMZ informo que since he joined the staff.. han tenido buen chemistry y sus non professional citas han aumentado in the last few weeks.

1:25 fue cuando les mencione that while JLO got herself a new man.. Zoe Saldaña let hers go.. remember she just got engaged last year june 2010 after a 10 year relationship.. well now after 11 years.. they called it quits her and her empresario man Keith Britton.


2:25pm Les conte sobre Lady Gaga wanting to adopt 3 kids from India.. due to her last visit to the country donde a la misma vez visito a dos orfanatos. She plans on adopting 3 kids de la India.. one from the US.. before adopting more from anywhere else.. adopting children ha sido algo que la cantante a querido hacer desde niña.. didn’t know me and Gaga had anything in common.. now I know we do.. I mean yo no quiero 4 niños ni 3 de la India but I would like to adopt atleast one. Que culpa tienen los niños. Anyhow yeah.. and she plans on giving birth later in life.. not yet though.