LOS DOYERS are now a part of the Magic enterprise!!

1, 2 skip a few 99.. 2 BILLION!!

2 BILLION DOLLARS!!  Wowzers.. thats just a tad bit more than the Mega millions right now lol..

Y es lo que the Dodgers are about to be completely sold for.  With so much mess del divorcio that seriously had the Dodgers future lookin like.. future??  Ahora a lot of Dodger fans are smiling con lo sucedido..

Although its still in the process.. anoche Los Dodgers y Frank McCourt anunciaron un acuerdo donde Guggenheim Baseball Management LLC obtendran a Los Dodgers por $2 BILLION.. al completar el processo de el processo. 

En el grupo de los purchasers se encuentra Earvin “Magic” Johnson

Dang so 24 Hour fitnesses.. TGI Fridays and the LA Dodgers.. not bad!!

Congrats LA!!

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