Marc Anthony and JLo NEIGHBORS!!

Se han escuchado rumores de que segun con la separaccion de JLo y Marc Anthony.. JLo was going to move out of the mansion they shared como familia.  JLo, Marc, Emme and Max.  Now en la mansion, que en un tiempo fue compartida por la familia completa.. ahora vive JLo sus hijos y su mama.. donde quedo Marc Anthony??

Bueno according to the following reportaje.. Marc tiene casa a solo 5 houses down from the mansion he and JLo shared. 

While JLo kept the mansion with not only a private driveway but a private road leading to her house.. Marc has a smaller house surrounded by trees.. kinda looks like a lost little house in the middle of nowhere..

Segun Marc Anthony he got that house para estar serca de sus hijos..

Gente murmura que es para poder seguir controlando a JLo.. y saber quien entra y quien sale..

SUKKS!! Cuz not only did they make cute babies.. they also made great music together.. like this one..

[audio:|titles=Marc Anthony & Jennifer Lopez – No Me Ames]

Honestamente, algo que he aprendido en mi vida..

SHE tells HER story..

HE tells HIS story..

Y la gente fuera de la relacion tell another version of what they hear or “see”.. Pero en realidad, os unicos que en realidad saben como dicen  los Dominicanos “Que Lo Que” son Marc y JLo BUT we are still entitled to OUR OPINION 😉

Me, No creo que Marc was a bad guy.. like many people who have taken JLo’s side.. why take anyones side anyhow?? Me.. I think que los dos tenian sus cosas y quiza se encontraron en diferente paginas de la vida..

Heres the video that tells a lil bit in more en detalle… watch and then let me know what YOU think..