Men And MAKE-UP??

It’s one of the most popular make-up brands there is.. every mall you walk thru encontraras a MAC counter sea en un department store or on its own.  Many artists have become a part of their “Viva Glam” Campaign, which raises funds for the AIDS FUND.. to help with the struggle against AIDS.
Such artists such as Christina Aguilera, Ciny Lauper and the most recent which I am fully stocked up on.. Lady Gaga!!  LOVE IT!!  Love it even more knowing that part of the proceeds go to a great cause.
NOW.. we have to look forward to the new face of “VIVA GLAM” tan tan tan…

Will the Real Ricky Martin Please Stand Up!!

Yup el Boricua Super Star seria la nueva cara de “VIVA GLAM” for MAC along with NIcki Minaj, quien tubo su propio labial con MAC that I was never able to get a hold of as much as I tried cuz solo estaba a la venta for 4 fridays and only online.. so im  A. pretty juiced to see Rickys line.. and B. Excited to finally get my hands on Nickis lipstick.

Is it weird que Ricky siendo hombre sea face de maquillaje??  He aint alone.. artists such as Elton Johna nd Boy George have also been faces of the campaign. 

Its not about the make-up.. it’s about the cause.. PLUS I will say Ricky Martin looks SEXY with and withOUT make-up.. I will take one of each please lol

Does a man being the face of the campaign.. make you want the make up or turn you away from buying it??