My Bday Weekend Re-cap =)

Ok so I dont think I remember EVERYTHING.. But I know I had an AMAZING time for my 29th bday.. Thank you to all my amazing friends who I LOVE so much quien me acompañaron here is a little recap of it in pictures.. dicen que a picture says a million words.. good porque after this weekend not to many come to mind other than thank you =)

From My Bday party atGiggles Night Club Friday Jan 6 with DJ Santarosa in the mix.. thank you a todos..

To Saturday Night a t Las Palmas in Hollywood for Kingdom Saturdays Capricorn Palooza =)

To Karaoke Night.. where me, the hubby @elplayboy, @RP_Swagger, @DJ Santarosa, @LizLeyva (lol), @Culie1, @ConnyOnQ, @SandraP_Fans, @GBrown17, @ArleneMSL,  , @sandeeenriquez

To El Floridita dinner and salsa dancing with @Pitbull @TheDJBuddha @Belyh @ConnyonQ @SandeeEnriquez @LizLeyva @ArleneMSL @GBrown17, @NeneEstrada323, daisyjuliagomez, Nadia and Tania 

More pix to come for Filthy Broke Wednesdays Jan 11 at Ixtapa