Omega face to face with cameraman he assaulted!!

El artista Dominicano hace una semana y media fue arrestado despues de ser accusado de asaltar a 4 personas incluyendo a un camera man y reportero.
Check out this video donde Omega continua to deny him being at fault of the direct impact and blames su crew for the damage.
Cuando de sorpresa le presentan el camera man who made the accusation, OMG Omegas face is priceless..
The camera man does not fall back on his statement and you can see it en la cara de Omega que he felt uncomfortable and awkward when he in the face del camera man tries to deny he was at fault the camera guy says .. He is a fan of Omega and his music and needs nothing from him ni daño le queria hacer and with the happening itd be dropped if Omega can humble up and admit to it and apologize but him denying it urks him cuz he did not rip su propia cadenita, or break su camera or even make his own ear bleed..
Check out the video of the enfrentacion here..

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