Pitbull and Marc Anthony get WET!!

The Videos SUCCESS
I mean.. it’s no secret que cuando el Cubano cantautor Armando Christian Perez, mejor conosido como Pitbull, releases a new song its going to be on your radio and all up in the club. The guy has the talent and skill to make you move, scream, fist pump, sing along and just plain and simple.. make a hit!!
So al juntarse Pitbull con el salsero Puerto Riqueño Marc Anthony it was a given, the song was gonna be a hit. How could it not?? “Rain Over Me” found on Pitbulls newest album “Planet Pit” released June 21, 2011 has not only been seen performed on the Today show with both stars on stage, but its taking over the charts and a HUGE hit on youtube with over 17 million views.. 17 MILLION!! That is 17 Million as of today, July 29, 2011 just a week after of its release.. divide 17 million by 7 days.. and that is.. A LOT!! Lol.. 2,428,571+ views a day.
Big ups to my boy Pitbull.. como el mismo me dijo hace unos dias “This is JUST the BEGINNING!!”

Now.. about the video..
Its filmed in the desert.. and in this situation.. I wouldnt mind goin 40 days and especial 40 NIGHTS in the desert.. Make it lent every day… bwahaha.. jk.. Even Marc Anthony looked kinda good next to Pit.. krazy.. Moral of the story is que si algun dia u feel a lil less than average stand next to Pitbull and his goodness will rub off on you haha jk.
Anyhow.. I like the video.. BEST part is when you watch Pitbull and Marc Anthony get wet.. EASY SUCIOS!! Getcho mind out the gutter..
But I did ask myself.. why didnt he wear his white suit then?? I vote for a WHITE WET SUIT CONTEST!! Lol.. check it out.. And fellas no se olvidaron de ustedes the ladies.. as in all Pitbull videos are sexy and exotic as well..