Ricky Martin and WOMEN!!

Keep dreamin ladies.. it’s a done deal.. he’s livin la vida like a “loca” 😉 BUT who can blame him.. his man, Carlos Gonzalez Abella is Not so bad himself as you can see for yourself..

However, although in an interview Ricky Martin se abrio sobre su relationship with Carlos.  Dejando dicho que cuando se conocieron los dos, cuando los presentaron Ricky felt it was not a good time porque acababa de formar su familia con sus dos hijos que ya tienen 3 añitos =) so cute.

He said que a pesar de que Carlos vive en Puerto Rico y Ricky en Miami.. everything is going just fine y no duran ni 10 dias sin verse.  He also said que sus hijos, son lo mas importante para el y ellos lo quieren mucho tambien.

But with all that said and done.. Ricky spoke on WOMEN. 

Thats what we ALL want to know.. how do you feel about women??  Dijo Ricky “Me dicen (women) cosas muy bonitas y muy eroticas sobre lo que quieren hacerme en general.  Pero NO me interesa” 

Ay pero for real.. did that comment phase anyone?? I’d still try my 200% lol..

I mean.. look at him..

Does it really matter what he says about us??  For all I care.. as wrong as this may sound.. sit there and look pretty for me.. shauuu…


actually.. here Ricky.. take a seat right here..

<– this one looks fun 😉




Seriously.. all BS aside.. With everything now out in the open.. does that or has that or will that stop you from hittin on or fantasizing about him??

WAIT.. look at this and then answer..



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