RIP Junior Seau!!

So earlier today you heard me talk about a RUMOR de que former NFL player,  San Diego Charger Junior Seau was involved in a possible shooting en su casa en Oceanside, CA>

Se dijo ser rumor solo por no poder confirmar 100% lo ocurrido.

Desafortunadamente just minutes after I talked about the rumor.. it was breaking news that the 43 year old former San Diego Charger Junior Seau was found dead at his Oceanside, CA. home.

In 2010 Seau drove his car off a cliff and claimed he was not trying to kill himself he just simply fell asleep behind the wheel que honestamente es casi casi lo mismo. 

Los detalles todavia hasta este momento no estan super claros pero la familia already went on camera to confirm the death of former NFL player Junior Seau.. at just 43 years of age.

Whether you knew the guy, knew of him, knew him as a fottball star, knew someone who knew him or loved him or didnt know him or of him at all.. as a human being he deserves our respect.  Lets keep him and his family friends and close ones in our prayers.

RIP Junior Seau.


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