Selena’s alive?

As much as we would like for her to be phisically alive.. not even Fua man can bring her back, physically. 
Pero en su corta vida, Selena was able to do so much that she remains alive in our hearts, en nuestros pensamientos and prayers.  I hear it all the time.. its not what you have when you are alive its what you leave behind when you go.
Selena dejo muchisimas canciones y recuerdos para todos.. and more than we could have ever imagined.

Selenas dad, Abraham Quintanilla dijo “I own 5 Selena tape masters from pre-Emi times”
Dice que hay un total de 50 unedited songs.  De esas 50 escojieron 10 which they are currently working on, refrescando el sonido de las canciones to rejuvinate their sound and bring them up to date.

Aunque el plan es de sacar all 50 songs, en un total de 5 cd’s, las primeras 10 estan scheduled de salir late this year o en las primisas del 2012.

Segun una reportera quien escucho the first cut of “Soy Amiga,” dice que el sonido de la cancion es cumbia-pop estilo Kumbia Kings..
Makes sense due to Selena’s brother, A.B. Quintanilla, being the one manejando la produccion de las canciones que Selena grabo in her mid-teens.

EXCITED BUT I will quote with “Hopefully them “reworks” won’t sound like S*#T”
Cuz I absolutely LOVE Selena but, not a fan of the Kumbia Kings and all that mumbo jumbo.

 HERE IS THE ORIGINAL “Soy Amiga” by Selena y Los Dinos


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