Ok so I personally am a HUGE Selena fan y cada vez que sale una de sus canciones al aire i like jump for joy and sing from begginning to end.. y se que no soy la unica.. We all LOVE SELENA!!.. Its SELENA!!

Pero los que ya seriamente me tienen hasta el tope.. is the way her “loved ones” try to cash in on her name after 17 years of her life being cut short.

Seriously we all miss her and I heard that her widowed husbands book is AWESOME todavia tengo que ir a comprar mi copy.. BUT.. now after a new album being released which I heard there is big name features in the album.. but none nearly as big as Selena.. and after this new book..

La familia de la cantante legendaria is now releasing que collectable cards?? Selena Gold Plated artwork?? Well I probably will buy one to put up in my room en vez de Marilyn Monroe.. and Selena pre Paid Calling Cards?? Really?? Collectable cards?? whats next?? Selena Pogs?? Wait let me not give them anymore ideas.. SMH.

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