Study results explain why LATIN men look so GOOD!!

El Vice President de Brand Solutions conducted un estudio sobre.. grooming, cual revelo que el hombre LATINO uses basic stuff for grooming como el shampoo y el jaBon al igual que los hombres non-Latino. HOWEVER, cuando se trato de “NON BASIC” products.. como gel and lotion.. el hombre LATINO outdid los de mas almost double. El study titulado “Why Latinos Look SO Good” dice que el hombre LATINO usa hair styling products en un average de 3.4 veces por semana.. a comparacion with non Latinos que usan los productos on average de 1.7 times per week. “Moisturizers 3.7 vs 2.0 times a week, fragrance 4.2 vs 2.9” APoco les cai de sorpresa los resultados?? one of the websites I just came across which I LOVE right now made a little slide show pero I made my own to give u a more relevant gallery to us..

Lets start with the photoshoots, Jen Carlos Canela does a damn good job posing with PERFECT HAIR..




Big Muscle Man.. Fernando Colunga..




No importa que hora marca el reloj.. Luis Miguels hair is always PERFECT!!




Single or Married, William Levy rocks that PERFECT HAIR!!




PERFECT HAIR ain’t Gay or Straight!!  Ricky Martin




Even when in water gun fights Jowell from Jowell y Randy has PERFECT HAIR!!




Hasta en la guerra Tito El Bambino maintains PERFECT HAIR!!




Prince Royce, probablemente the only one to take off his gorrito and have PERFECT HAIR!!





Even in a HEATED baseball “match” Chino from Chino y Nacho has PERFECT HAIR!!




Por poco se le cai la sill a LATINO 96.3’s J Rythm pero el peinado stays.. PERFECT HAIR!!




And finally, my younger borther Jesus Peña, granted he’s a model on the runway but point is PERFECT HAIR!!





I think I proved my point lol.