The TIGHTEST Panties!!

Ok so I just made Pants sound cute.. or perverted.  Either way you look at it.. question is.. en la gira “EUPHORIA” who will wear the tightest pants?? Enrique Iglesias??  Pitbull?? Prince Royce??
DJ Santarosa says he believes MR. Worldwide will take home the butt hugger title.. however, have you seen that booty??  Who’d complain about booty huggers on that??  Just Sayin.. I mean I heard its nice bwahaha
Anyhow I think my cradle crush Prince Royce will take home the Tight Pants Trophy.. not for nothing hes still adorable.. dimples in place.. Lips sexy as hell BUT.. he’s so flakito that I think his pants might be the tightest on tour..

Who do YOU think will wear the best “fitted” pants Royce, Enrique or Pit??

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