What is “TRIBAL”.. the NEW POINTY boots trend

[audio:https://mega963fm.lamusica.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/08/Tribal-Bomba-Clean-MIX-2.mp3|titles=Tribal Bomba (Clean) MIX 2]

Above in the audio player is my boy Chingo Bling’s “TRIBAL” track called “BOMBA” yes the Versace Mariache the Tamale King Pin the Ghetto Vaquero.. is doing Tribal.. But.. who isn’t??

House, electro, techno whatever you want to call it is taking over.. the WORLD!!

Check out how Mexico has taken it to the Paisa world.. FIERRO!! (holding glowsticks)

OH y que no se me pase mencionar las pointy boots.. it’s all fun and games until somebody’s eye gets poked out.. lol..

I wonder if instead of metal detectors van a poner boot pico limits at the doors.

Anyhow The Music is coo.. the boots.. give me a couple more weeks to think about those..

Here is a video pa que vean the top Tribal DJ’s de Mexico and the boots in action.