William Levy on Dancing With The Stars.. HOT!! (video)

Ummm.. how u say.. WOW!!

De ser un actor de telenovela and starring in JLo’s music video to being the hottest thing to ever hit Dancing With The Stars dance floors.

Seriously.. I had so moved on and passed William Levy pero I think I just took a few steps back to baba land lol La primera vez que vi su performance I was like eh.. pero luego lo puse on repeat and check the boy como mueve.. TODO!! (fanning myself) WOWZERS!!

He’s got my vote!! Oh y luego los comentarios de los judges lol.. #CLASSIC!!

Check out the one judge licking his lips the entire dance lol.. y luego dicen que for safety they need clean up.. y muchisimo mas.. y la respuesta de las mujeres in the building was WOW!!

Good Job William!! Check out the performance yourself!!

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