Wiz Khalifa BUSTED with..

Weed!!  AGAIN!! 

I know some of you are like are you serious??  You can get that at Venice Beach no prob.. is it even illegal anymore but reality is.. IT IS!! 

So smartee pants Wiz Khalifa.. Livin young wild and FREE!!

Last night cops le esculcaron su tour bus y descubrieron 11.39 grams of weed in his bus.. BUSted.. haha get it tour bus.. BUS-ted??  Yeah anyhow.. ok.. weed.. puff puff give.. pass the dutchie to the left hand side.. yeah yeah pero you would think que after gettin caught with some hace 10 dias.. April 21st en Nashville you would be a little more cautious.. pero como si nada.. 2nd time en 10 dias gettin caught up for Wiz..

BUT los oficiales jsut cited him and released him.. ahora se tiene que reportar a corte at a later date.. all for a little smoke.. nice one.

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