Zion Y Lennox en Los Angeles

La Z y La L.. tambien conosidos como los Verdaderos.. no strangers al genero de reggaeton.  Zion y Lennox tienen una trayectoria impresionante and have been able to maintain it to this day thru trial and turblations thru their split up and their back togetherness Zion y Lennox siguen motivando a la yal.  On their promo tour thru their favorite city LA!! Where Zion dijo que si fuera por ellos they would live in LA for sure .. they stopped by our studios Tuesday July the 12th and talked about their upcoming album to be released in the next 2-3 months which currently no estan seguros si lo nombraran Los Verdaderos Deluxe Edition or Los Verdaderos Reloaded.. tough one.. jiji sigan los por twitter @losverdaderospr